Jeevakarunya Committee


32 Wards

The Church by its nature is missionary and is close to the needy with a helping hand. Lourdes Jeevakarunya Committee is the service face of the Lourdes Forane Church. The activities of the Committee consist of collecting voluntary contributions from the parishioners and distributing them to the people who are really in need. The charity activities are organised on a two tier system. They are : 1. The activities undertaken by the 10 member committee known as Lourdes Jeevakarunya Committee. 2. The Jeevakarunya Special Fund operated by Rev. Fr. Vicar.

The activities of the Committee are simple and transparent. It gives leadership to the charity activities of the parishioners in general. It assures that the amount collected, reaches the really worthy beneficiaries. So the Committee assembles on all Sundays, immediately after the Holy Mass and reviews the activities and deliberates on the future strategies. All the decisions of the Committee have the concurrence of Rev. Fr. Vicar. The main activities are the following.

Collection of funds

The families of the Parish are grouped in to 31 wards on geographical basis for convenient administrative purpose. Funds are collected on individual or family basis. The ward leaders or members who are specifically nominated for the purpose, visit each family and receive voluntary donations. The members can also entrust their donations directly in the Church Office. Many have the habit of helping the poor on occasions of special importance by donating a sum to the Committee. The accounts of the Committee are passed by the Parish Council at its monthly meeting.

Disbursement of Funds

The common areas identified by the Committee for disbursement of funds are the following.

Construction of new houses and repair works of the existing houses is an important area of investment. Already 10 houses in two projects were built investing Rs. 36 lakhs.

The Committee arranges for the medicines of the patients recommended by the doctors of the Lourdes Medical Forum in its weekly examinations of patients. Besides, the Committee arranges for the medicines to patients who are on daily medication.

Education assistance is offered to the students up to High School level. Along with that food is provided to all the needy people. The members of the Committee visit frequently the needy families and refugee homes with financial and other helps.

Since 12 years, “Onam Kits” which contain 12 food items are distributed among poor people during the Onam season. The other services are, Flood relief works, Burial assistances etc.

Jeevakarunya Special Fund

Jeevakarunya special fund is managed and operated directly by Rev. Fr. Vicar. It has separate Bank Account and accounting books. The fund is collected through direct donations received by the Vicar. Also donations are accepted at special occasions.

The Fund is mainly spent for the marriage of girls from weaker sections, house repairs, medical treatment, professional education etc.