Mission league

Cherupushpa Mission league is an activity that all catechetical students from class five and above take the vows Charity, Sacrifice, Service and Suffering. The CML members engage prayer meeting after the normal timing of Catechism classes. This helps the students to encourage in participation of sacraments, short prayer meeting with little sacraments. This encourages each member in their missionary activities and personality development. The active participation channels them to lead them a simple way to Holiness. They do practice some small sacrifices and motivated parents to do so. The small pocket money and their precious gifts are easily diverted towards charity. Mission Sunday offerings collected by the children directly send to the mission stations in India. This has helped the children to grow up spiritually and has made them feel and understand that the needy brothers and sisters around them in India.

Other than Mission Sunday, Pilgrimage to St.Alphonsa Bhavan in every year on first Saturday of August by walk (6KM) is one of the shooting star of all CML members. They do recite the motto, Litany, anthem, and pledge on their walk to the pilgrimage centre. They do participate in this pilgrimage with an awareness of praying St.Little Treesa and St Alphonsa to induce the lamp in their life.