Sunday School

Catechism is education and formation of Christian faith form the age of pre- school till higher secondary level. It teaches the Christian doctrine, in an organized systematic way, with a view of initiating the hearers into the fullness of Christian life. It is the mission task entrusted to the Church by the Lord, to safeguard and impart faith. The current issues of day to day life are in-corporated in the activity oriented classes. Classes are illustrated through Medias, maps, pictures, and video. All Sundays special time is arranged for confession. After the Intensive 10 days training programme, daily preparation classes for students who receive first Holy Communion is arranged. Special incentive gifts are awarded to children who participates daily Qurbana during lent season. A team of Altar boys are being trained and scheduled time table given to them to participate in all church activates other than Holy Qurbana. Annual fast day is conducted by the middle of year. One day tour is arranged to all classes, visiting to orphanages, old age homes, and pilgrimage to places of Saints.

In the beginning of academic year P.T.F is elected with an executive body and members represent each class. Two times orientation programmers/Seminars are conducted to the parents. After each semester exam a progress report card is prepared to each student, which expresses the overall performance of strengths and weakness. Each parent is having an open house discussion with class teacher, Headmaster or with the Director whenever necessary. Through this process special care and attention is specified to each one and marginalized are being uplifted.

Our Sunday school acknowledge the support from the parents, parish members, and Loude School authorities who all made very keen interest on having the Christian faith imparted to their children and have been bringing their children to catechism classes without fail. We look forward to their continued in this mission.