Family is the basic unit and a miniature of the Church. Christian family constitutes a specific revelation and realization of ecclesial communion and for this reason it is called ‘domestic church’.

The mother of the family represents and reflects the image of Mary, the Mother. He loves, cares, protects, teaches and guides the family.

Mathujyothis is an organization of fathers in the parish and works under parish pastoral guidance to organize the mothers in the parish under its umbrella. There are priest Directors at Unit, Forane and Archdiocese level. Family Apostolate at Archdiocese issues guidelines and monitor the activities of Mathrujyothis. Periodical meetings are held at Parish, Forane and Archdiocese level. Prayers, Classes related to family matters are regularly conducted. Activities in Parish unit are monitored by Forane and Archdiocese directors during their periodical visits. Best units are recognised every year.

In the parish unit, we focus on activities to enlighten the faithful mainly in family related subjects, and subjects of relevance to social and environmental issues, Interaction with other segments like Youth, Fathers, etc. also take place occasionally. We also started visiting elders and sick people in the parish in their loneliness.